Senior Program

Welcome to the ESR Senior * Patroller Program

The Senior Patroller Program is the next step beyond Basic Patroller. Achieving Senior * Patroller status is the logical next step for those who want to achieve a higher level of patroller skills that will help make you a more confident and competent patroller on your hill.

The Senior Program consists of core and elective requirements that must be completed within three years 1/ of entering the Senior Program. To become a Senior Patroller, you must demonstrate advanced skills in skiing, toboggan handling, and emergency care. And you must broaden your skills by taking electives in areas such as Avalanche I, mountain rescue, skiing enhancement, toboggan enhancement or becoming an instructor.

Why Become a Senior * Patroller

Listing of Requirements for Senior Programs 2/:  

Senior Alpine Patroller Candidates:

Senior Nordic/Backcountry Patroller Candidates:

Senior Patroller Candidates:

Senior Bike Patroller Candidates:

Far West Division Required Elective:

CLICK HERE for list of electives and NSP provisions for non-NSP avalanche course credits.


A Planning Strategy

Process and Checklist

If you need help with the process and/or completing senior patroller requirements, please contact your patrol's  Senior Patroller Trainer or contact ESR Senior Program Advisor.

Inho Myong - Sierra Ski Patrol
ESR Senior Program Advisor 

1/  When a candidate passes the OEC-MSP final evaluation, this need not repeated.  After the senior level toboggan completion, a candidate must complete the senior level skiing evaluation within two years, or after the senior level skiing completion, a candidate must complete the senior level toboggan evaluation within two years.

2/  Requirements listed here are highlights from NSP Policies and Procedures.  Refer to NSP Policies and Procedure for the latest and official list of requirements.

"*"  Alpine, Nordic/Backcountry, Senior Patroller, or Bike.