Certified Program

Welcome to the ESR Certified Patroller Program!

The Certified Program is the next step beyond Senior. It encompasses a nine part testing situation which includes a written exam the candidate must pass prior to taking the discipline itself. The program is extremely informative and takes a dedicated candidate approximately three years to complete. It is a terrific opportunity to meet and work with some of the best patrollers in the five western states.

Below is a list of files with each component for Certified Skills and Testing outlined. The criteria for passing at the Associate level and Certified levels are described and reference materials given.

Ready to join the Association of Professional Patrollers (APP) Certified program now? Your $40 annual fee will make you a member of the APP as well as the FWD Certified Program. This membership will allow you to attend any/all of the APP clinics and ski/board for only $10/day. One day of skiing/boarding will pay for itself. http://www.propatrollers.org/Donate.htm

Fill out and email or USPS mail your completed application and pay online. Once your completed paperwork and payment is received you will receive more information on the Certified program and become eligible for discounted passes and clinics for this year.

Please review the web site at www.propatrollers.org for more info.

Next Step After Senior Doc:Next_Step_after_senior

Association of Professional Patrollers Application:APPReg

Association of Professional Patrollers Newsletter:NL5


These clinics are for ALL Interested patrollers for BOTH training and testing. For us folks in the Tahoe area, the June Mountain and Mammoth Mountain will be amazing opportunities to benefit from the training and testing offered with experts from all over the West that will be onsite.

To Be Announced

Please contact me for ANY additional information regarding the clinics or to request specific training prior to any of the above listed clinics.

Available NOW is the newest and coolest APP Certified manual to this day. Using this as your primary study guide, you will cover all major areas of the Certified Program. I would strongly recommend this manual to all who are planning on training or testing this season. There is more information within this text than can be given in any on the hill presentation.

Cost $30. Please contact me and I will make arrangements to get the manual to you.

I would like to schedule some “pre-clinic” Certified training in ANY discipline. Please contact me directly and see if we can schedule some training at your hill or another geographically desirable location

For more information contact:

Keith Tatsukawa
ESR Certified Program Advisor