ESR Equipment

ESR Equipment Loan Agreement

As the Patrol Representative (PR) for the borrowing Patrol acknowledge receipt and responsibility of the Eastern Sierra Regional (ESR) equipment by initialing the ESR Storage log.

PR agrees to return all of the signed out equipment by the designated date, or as required, in the same condition as received, ordinary wear and tear excepted.

PR agrees that the use of ESR equipment is for training purposes only and shall not be used for outside activity.

As agent for the above mentioned patrol, PR accepts responsibility for damage to, loss or theft of ESR equipment, regardless of fault, negligence of any other person, or act of God while equipment is checked out to his/her patrol. The receiving patrol shall repair or replace the ESR equipment to original condition or pay ESR the amount necessary to repair ESR equipment. If the ESR equipment is loss, stolen and not recovered, the patrol entrusted with the equipment shall pay ESR the fair market valve for replacement of said equipment.

The receiving patrol shall defend, indemnify and hold ESR harmless from all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, claims, demands, costs, and any other expenses incurred by the receiving patrol in any manner from this use agreement or from use of this equipment by any other persons.

PR, as agent of the receiving patrol, has read and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement and by his/her acknowledgment on the ESR request form.

List of equipment to borrow - Equipment Inventory in PDF

Be sure to read the Loan Agreement above before proceeding!


For more information, contact:

Loretta Barranger
Equipment Advisor