Outdoor Emergency Care

1) Mid- Winter Events

Will be updated when info is available

2. Fall OEC Classes

There will be five OEC Classes for the Fall 2015 – pretty much the same line up as last year. Below is a table of the classes that are planned, their approximate start date and duration, the IOR contact, and tentative locations.

Start Date
Central Valley
Steve CostelloLate Aug
South Bay
Bill Booth
Late Aug
T-Th nights
Santa Clara



David Stepner


Every Day




3. OEC Practical Exams
There will be two big test days where a lot of hands are going to be needed to pull them off, so please circle those days on your calendars and come out to help.

You will undoubtedly be hearing more about these as the time gets closer, but we need patrollers to assist, instructors to judge, and all comers to be patients and runners.


4. OEC Instructor Recertification
There are over 40 ESR instructors whose certifications will expire this Dec 2015. While all OEC instructors who do expire (according to the NSP info) have been notified, everyone should check their profiles on nsp.org to check if everything agrees. For those that do expire in 2015, the requirements for recertification are included under 4) Important Forms and Documents (below). And you will need to provide evidence of accomplishing each item to your patrol Lead ITs.

Lead IT
F005 – Tahoe Backcountry
Mark Galicia
F011 - Tahoe Donner Nordic
Jerry Milana
F038 – Reno Ski Patrol, Mt. Rose
Hans-Peter Baier 
F065 - Homewood
Nancy Stromswold 
F066 – Alpine Meadows
Joanne Barnes  
F073 - Northstar
Dave Rozzi
F080 – Diamond Peak
Drew Oliphant   
F082 – Tahoe Donner
Howard Shafer
F085 – Squaw Valley
David Stepner  
F095 – Heavenly Valley
Tim Stephens   
F096 – Sierra Ski Patrol
Doug Coatney   

Remember, that all instructors seeking recertification will need to provide evidence of having taught at least twice EVERY year of their certification. So please, do not fall behind on this requirement, and keep records as you instruct so documenting this is a simple matter.


5. Important Forms and Documents
The links below provides easy access to key documents from the NSP website OEC Instructors and Instructor “want-to-be's" need. Downloadable files in PDF, PPT and docx

Included are:
Instructor Information (PPT from Davis)
Instructor Application Packet
Guide to Mentoring New Instructors
Liability Release Form
2014 Course Completion Form
Instructor Evaluation and Observation Form
2014 Instructor Recertification Requirements

If you’d like additional files and documents added to this page let me know.

6. OEC ITs
As with the requirements to re-certify as an OEC instructor, there is a requirement to “re-qualify” as an IT in any discipline each year. Each IT serves at the discretion of the Division Advisor in that discipline, and the appointment is for one year at a time. Starting this year, we have been asking all ITs to please document their IT activity for the Division Advisor to review, as he assesses the selection for the next year. There are many criteria used in such an assessment, including patrol affiliation and home geographic location, but chief among them is activity in being an IT at classes and exams, and being a mentor for the next generation of instructors. Instructors should view being an IT as a job, not a promotion, and be willing, if asked, to put in the time it requires.


6. Become an OEC Instructor
Think training! Think Involvement!! Think about your own contribution to the Patrol Season on your hill and to the ESR OEC program! The Eastern Sierra Region has over 140 outstanding OEC Instructors. Most of these exceptional OEC Instructors have completed one or more 3 year cycles. They are to be honored for their outstanding service to our patrols and to the ESR. Thank you for a job well done. You are invited to become an OEC Instructor within the ESR and join our excellent group of OEC Instructors. Nothing is more important to the success of our NSP's education programs than our core group of our hard-working instructors who deliver our programs. If you would like to become an OEC instructor please talk to your Patrol Representative or an OEC Instructor you know and they can assist you with the process. An instructor trainer will assign an instructor as a mentor.

The first step is to take an Instructor Development (ID) class. This will help establish the basics of lesson plan development, and content delivery. Become involved with an active OEC classes, these can be new OEC courses such as those delivered in the fall, dryland refresher classes, and candidate training. When your mentor feels you are ready you need to have the IT observe you teaching two classes and give you feedback. If you are ready to teach you will be signed off, and need to submit the paperwork to the IT.

7. Senior Program
ESR has had an active Senior Patroller Program, and as part of that, Senior Emergency Management as the First Aid part. The region has assigned a coordinator for the Senior Program, so please look under that heading for more information.

David Stepner
OEC Advisor

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